Innovative HVAC Design & Build Services

in Auckland

The professionally qualified HVAC experts at Pro HVAC Solutions offer innovative HVAC design and build services to commercial and residential clients. With support from our in-house team, experienced project managers and loyal suppliers, we provide fully compliant, energy efficient HVAC systems that are tailored to fit your specific requirements. Having completely in-house capabilities gives us the added advantage of making your HVAC design and build experience streamlined and hassle-free.

Pro HVAC Solutions

Premium HVAC Systems & Products

Over the years, we have built strong, loyal relationships with some of the industry’s leading suppliers of HVAC products. These relationships enable us to negotiate competitive trade discounts which, in turn, allows us to provide you with HVAC systems made up of premium parts at reduced costs.

Customisable Turn-Key Packages

Our fully in-house design and build capabilities enable us to offer you easily customisable turn-key HVAC packages that are ready-to-use upon installation. Everything from the initial documentation and design to the regular maintenance is done by our team of expert HVAC technicians, making things easy and efficient for everyone involved.

We work closely with you and your construction contractors to understand your unique requirements so our recommendations are in line with your project. Our innovative team then uses the following key considerations to plan the design and installation of your HVAC system: 

  • functionality
  • performance and reliability
  • energy usage
  • presentation
  • backup support
  • building standards compliance
  • budget structure, and
  • warranty

Create the perfect indoor climate thanks to innovative design and build services from Pro HVAC Solutions. Contact us today on 02 7649 6054.